Everyone today including you who is eager to loose weight or wants to get rid of toxins that pollute our body and due to which either we gain fat or have certain health issues, its time to make a change in our diet a healthy change for our own benefit and relax mind.
Most of people  on youtube or internet is filled with videos or recipes of how to detox your body, but we yourfitnessstories  will talk about few drink that if you try once its gonna benefit you and you will notice change in one week and all recipes are tried and tested.

Firstly we will talk about drinks that help us loose weight, as in this fast changing lifestyle or rather unhealthy lifestyle of ours where more importance is given to lavish lifestyle than a healthy one.So without much lets get started with our first recipe to your fat loss journey.

Weight loss drinks.

1. Chia seeds and lemon drink .

Chia is an edible seed that comes from the desert plant Salvia hispanica, grown in Mexico  that dates back to Mayan and Aztec cultures. "Chia" means strength, and folklore has it that these cultures used the tiny black and white seeds as an energy booster. That makes sense, as chia seeds are a concentrated food containing healthy omega-3 fatty acids, carbohydrates, protein, fiber, antioxidants, and calcium.
Lemon as we all know is rich source of vitamin c ,necessary  for our skin and body helps to prevent scurvy and acne and also loose weight.keep ph level of body low and thus maintains cholesterol level.
Recipe:Takes 1 teaspoon of chia seeds and add 100ml water ,soak it for half hr and now add  half lemon and drink it empty stomach in morning. 
Try this recipe for 2 weeks and you will see results. 

2.Fennel seeds and honey drink.

Fennel seeds also known as foeniculum vulgarie is a  flavour culinary plant  used to make tea and add flavour to desserts ,most commonly used in indian kitchen still people are unaware of its benefits .Rich in antioxidants and loaded with fiber it helps to keep your appetite full and prevents many types of cancer as well and useful to women giving birth .
Recipe: Add 1teaspoon of fennel seeds and 1tsp honey and half lemon . Shake it well and drink it for 2 weeks 
Honey can cure various inflammation and thus cure internal  wounds.its best option than artificial sugar. 

Digestive health drink.

3. Ginger and black salt drink.

Now this is one of my favourite drink  during my training sessions especially when bulking one has to eat more sometimes you face difficulty while digesting food ,thats because of your slow digestion .This recipe is for those who has weak digestion.
Recipe: Take small piece of ginger and put some black salt on top and chew it well 30 minutes before lunch or dinner. Try this for one week and you wont face problem again.
Also chew each bite of food you eat 30 to 40 times.
Take a piece of ginger ,add lemon and honey to it and this drink will not only improove digestion but also your skin health.
Gut health.

4.Pineapple ,blueberry and mango drink.
When it comes about health fruit must be included in our diet either eating fruits itself or through make juice .And if i start talking about benefits of this drink then i guess words would come to an end .Thus cutting it short 
•Boost Immunity. 
•Prevents heart disease.
•Rich in antioxidants.
•Helps in weight loss.
•Healthy skin.
•Can undo damage of fat rich diet.
•Reduce stress .

Recipe: Take 1 cup of pineapple and add 4-5 blueberries and half cup mango ,one can also add other fruits like kiwi or papaya . Dont add milk to any drink as milk itself is a meal.
Thus people disturb there digestion mostly when they consume milk with heavy lunch or breakfast ,one can have warm milk as its easy to digest and its good with foods like oats and cornflakes etc.
 ☆Stress buster drink.

5.Ashwganda drink. 

Whether you are a adult or teenager if you are facing hormonal issues then this is the right herb for you  also know as Withania somnifera or indian ginseng .it helps to fight depression and alter bad hormonal changes and keeps you fit and healthy,reduce stress and promotes growth of brain cells.

Add 1 table spoon of ashwagandha powder in milk at night or in water. 
These were the most common drinks that i have tried and tested and follow everyday into my diet and recommended by yourfitnessstories .

Thus motivate you to stay fit and stay healthy.


BEST 5 hair oils and shampoo products for hair growth and avoiding damage

Unlike other body parts our hairs too need Nourishment, just like our skin needs moisture and we use moisturizer's for same our hairs too need oiling to remain healthy and shinny.But in this fast growing business of health many companies are introducing different hair oils and its difficult to rely on them ,so which one to choose lets check it out!!

Since your hair is made of protein, it’s important to focus on protein and iron-rich foods such as eggs, fish, meat, and nuts to build hair strength and growth. Another area to focus your attention on is foods high in vitamins and biotin. Carrots, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes are very high in vitamin A, while broccoli, strawberries, and oranges are high in vitamin C. Try to limit your intake of refined sugars and processed foods this year and instead opt for those rich in vitamins and nutrients.


1.Avoid doing damage and handle with care.
We mostly use towel or rub our hairs with wet towel or after bath ,this can disturb our hair follicles and thus it stops growing.Our hair grows when blood flows in roots of follicle and thus provide nutrition for hair growth.
*Don't use comb immediately after bath.
One should also avoid using comb while hairs are
2.Trim your hair often!
One should trim there hairs after every 10-12weeks ,to avoid split ends and frizzy hairs and will help you avoid damage from split ends in long run.
3.Use good quality hair oil.
Most of hair oil companies sell there product by labelling it pure and ayurvedic . But most of the products are adulterated and contain toxic chemicals that instead of doing good, make the situation even worse . 

Here are the following hair oils which are totally toxin free and pure in their essence . These hair oils will definitely help you in your hair regrowth and will also make them strong and bouncy.

1. Max care cold pressed virgin Coconut oil:

Buying a right hair oil is not something too difficult .Here right choice equals to right ingredients in your hair oil.  
Max care cold pressed virgin oil is an unrefined oil that is extracted from coconut milk. The benifit of buying cold pressed product is that all vital nutrients and natural goodness retains in the product . 
Moreover MaX care has 35 years experience in the coconut industry. Coming to its ingredient this product has only one ingredient that is 100% coconut oil thereby ensuring its authenticity. 
The major plus point of this oil is its dual purpose it's good both for your skin as well as hairs. Highly recommended !
Click on picture for link!!
2.Moroccan oil Treatment: 

Moroccan oil Treatment is  product that softens your hairs increasing elasticity and restoring shine and health to lifeless hairs .This oil also acts as your hairstylist .
In regard to its ingredients Moroccan oil has Argan oil as its main ingredient and as we know argan oil is extremely rich in VitaminE ,fatty acids and antioxidants that hydrates and nourishes our hair . It also contain linseed extract which increases its value.

3.khadi naturals herbal hair oil:

Buying hairoil products without mineral oil is always beneficial.  Khadi hair oils include huge range of varients ie. Shikakai hair oil ,anti dandruff balsam ayurvedic hair oil , sweet Almond oil and Ayurvedic Hair growth oil and many more. These oils are paraben and SLS free .Above all no mineral oils are added in it.

4.Mamaearth cold pressed pure castor oil:

Another cold pressed product by mamaearth is 100%pure and naturally extracted oil from best quality of castor seeds.
This oil is suitable for all hair types and is free from all additives toxins or chemicals .
This oil is a deep mosturising and conditioning agent. 
Click on picture for link!!
5.Wow 10in1 Miracle oil.

is a hair oil powered with 10 natural bioactive ingredients: cold pressed extra virgin Olive oil , Almond, Argan , jojoba, Grapeseed and safflower , Bringhraj extract, VitaminE and rosemary and tea tree essential oils. This oil is a complete hair care and is highly rich in essential nutrients. 

6.Baidynath Mahabringhraj oil:

Baidynath is trusted Ayurvedic brand . It's Bringhraj oil is herbal oil used in ayurvedic treatment for hairfall ,headache, neck pain and stiffness . This oil serves all in one purpose . 
Mahabringhraj oil contains Bhringhraj Eclipta Alba , sesame oil ,coconut oil ksheera cow milk Manjistha Rubia and many more ingredients that are free from all toxins and purely ayurvedic. So ,if you want a product that is replete  with natural ingredients then Baidynath Mahabringhraj is highly recommended product. 

 4.Use chemical free -Shampoos : Next step that is equally important for hairgrowth is the right choice of shampoo for your hairs. In the market there are many popular brands for shampoo that allures you through fake promises of making your hairs silky, shinny ,stronger and what not. But instead sells highly toxic and chemicals bound products in their pretty packaging.  Mark it those Shampoos which contains sulphate laureate ,parabens, sodium chloride ,formaldehyde and synthetic fragrances are harmful for your hairs .So do check the ingredients before buying a Shampoo.

Here are the following shampoos best for your hair growth. 

1. Khadi Natural Neem and Aloevera Herbal Hair cleanser (Shampoo): 

is shampoo that helps you to fight heavy dandruff, flaky and unhealthy scalp.It contains Aloevera, Basil ,Bhringhraj, Shikhakai and fenugreek as its key ingredients . This shampoo is affordable and totally chemical free . 

2.SoulTree Licorice, Shikhakai and Bringhraj Shampoos : 

This shampoo is a blend of seven ancient ayurvedic herbs including organic liquorice ,henna ,Bringhraj and shikakai ,this shampoos strengthens hair from root to tip while preventing premature greying .Extra virgin coconut oil and organic Shikhakai restore moisture and hydrate hair .

3.Rustic Art Biodegradable Herbal shampoo: 

This shampoo contains biodegradable, non- toxic and relatively safe ingredients .It wears multiple hats like hydration, mosturisation ,cleaner and conditioner. A perfect shampoo for hairs . Moreover this shampoo is also safe for coloured and treated hair . It has a unique blend of amino acid  based surfactant blend which is sustainably sourced from natural grains and sugarcane. 

4.Just Herbs Silky Strength Aloevera Wheatgerm Moisturising Shampoo:

This shampoo has in it key ingredients like Aloevera(nourishes and mosturize the hair), Wheat germ( strenghthen hair follicles and adds bounce and shine ) and lecithin ( restore the natural protective covering of hair) .This shampoo is free from chemicals and other harmful synthetic ingredients. It's a complete hair care shampoo.

5. Wow Organics Miracle 10 in 1 Paraben Sulphate Free Shampoo 

:If you want to strengthening,shine enhancing shampoo then go for it .This shampoo delivers 10 hair benefits :volume boost , hair smoothening , extra shine ,less dandruff ,clean scalp ,mosturized hair,stronger hair roots,less frizz,less split ends and reduced hair fall  -a complete hair care .It contains Rosemary extract,  shea butter, Argan oil ,Teatree essential, Soya and almond Proteins .Highly recommended product!
These are the best hair oil and shampoo products and hair care routines recommended by yourfitnessstories and it will help you avoid expenses of hair Extensions and expensive treatments.!!


Depression - common problem today, is still a stigma?

Depression  : According to World Health Organization, "Depression is the most common mental disorder .Globally more than 264 million people of all ages suffer from this ."

 Depression, in literal sense , is a state of low mood and loss of interest . A recent case of sushant singh rajput who was famous and phenomenal actor committed suicide and this incident shook whole world.Nobody realised that behind such innocent smile that person was suffering so much pain, atlast he was a brilliant actor and he played role of hiding his fear and problems well too.But that does not mean this ends and all is normal rather we have to discuss and deal with it instead of avoiding, what we have always  did ,otherwise we wont have lost such a soul.

Things we need to understand :

◇First of all , we need to understand that depression is common psychological problem. Therefore,if you are suffering from depression,  stop being ashamed of it. IT'S NORMAL!

◇ Secondly , depression doesn't mean you are mentally ill or weak. Its just a phase that probably every 2nd or 3rd person undergoes.
So , instead of thinking it something abnormal , go to the doctor or counselor if you are suffering from severe depression and get yourself free from it . It's just like other problems that do have solution.

Symptoms you need to observe  within or in your near or dear ones:

The most common drawback in our lives is that we keep ignoring things and let them get worse. Once they turn worse ,we panic. 
Don't  ignore if you notice  some of these symptoms in your body >
Persistent and pervasive sadness ■ loss of interest in all activities 
■ physical tiredness 
■ lack of concentration in almost everything you do 
■Appetite changes ( excessive hunger or no hunger )
■ sleep Abnormalities 
■ Suicidal thoughts 
■ Finding yourself Guilty in almost everything 
■Negative automatic thoughts 
■Anger Issues
If it's more than 2 weeks that you are observing these symptoms,  may it be in yourself or in any of your loved ones then don't ignore . It's quite possible that they are under certain depression. 

Thing's  you need to do ,to fight this silent killer and throw it out of your body :
>Things that parents need to do: The most important role is of parents in fighting with this disease . 
   ¤ Reduce the "GAP" : The gap that we often call as "generation gap" need to be reduced even if you need to change yourself a bit. Trust us , it would be for the betterment of your child . STOP ACTING AS A TYPICAL AUTHORITATIVE PARENT . Be as friendly as you can with your child so that he/she could "poreout" no matter what is going inside him or her. 

   ¤ Never pressurize your child: We have been seeing from many couple of years that 10th or 12th boards have become a bugbear . Childrens in 10th and 12th are as if they are going on battle in which if they loose, their life will end . 
Remove this sort of pressure from your childrens life . Assure them that it's just like any other class exams and they just need to give their best .
  ¤ Start giving and spending time with your childrens : In today's life of hustle and bustle we are loosing ourselves ,our relationships .Instead of just being busy on your phones or office work or household chores may it be anything ,take out some time for your childrens .  There are many things they want to tell but stops thinking you won't listen. 

¤ Don't  scold your child much and stop always find his /her faults  :
Sometimes the children hesitates to come straight away to their parents thinking they will beat them up or scold them. Develop trust in your child , always listen! first and try to resolve his /her problem rather than finding his faults and saying that you must be have done something. 

¤ Develop trust in your child 

> Things an individual needs to do to fight depression:
 ☆ Connect with 5 elements : We all know this fact that our body is made up of five elements- air ,water ,fire ,ether and earth. IN Our previous blog what's your body type ? we have stressed the importance of maintaining balance in these five elements . 

You all must have observed whenever we go to hill stations, we are in utmost joy we experience some sort of bliss in that environment .WHY?. The reason being our body connect to these elements that enviroment that's why are senses respond much more than usual . Same connection we have to develop to that we are always stress free . We are not telling you to shift to hill areas or anything of some sort ,you just need to do some changes in lifestyle. Constantly stressing lifestyle is very important for mental or physical health

  1. Water : you must have noticed after taking bath you are much more relaxed . So , very first step is that whenever you are feeling low,depressed take a bath or play with water . It may sound weird but it will surely relax you .

 2. Air : Air is the most important element for staying fit and healthy . Try getting up early in the morning and breathe in some fresh air of the morning by doing some breathing exercises. Yog can help you in staying fit . 

3. Ether : Listening music has always helped in uplifting our mood . By music we mean good music . Listen to some instrumental music that soothes your soul and relaxes your body.

4. Fire : The fire in you , it may be any form anger, frustation or anything can be soothed by being under sunlight. Sitting under Sunlight have lots of benefits it imparts sudden energy in our body and that "feeling low"  vanishes. 

5 . Earth : Love the smell of earthy scent produced when rain falls out ? Earth has its own role in calming our frustations . Gardening  ,giving water to plants or walking barefoot on grass or sand will surely uplift your mood .Try it once !
Few more things you can do to change your mood is : 
Visit to place of worship : Divinity has the more power to set us own right path than anything else .
Mirror: For all those introvert who couldn't share their problems , make mirror your best friend. Stand in front of mirror blurt out everthing that bothers you, your anger ,your frustrations, your problems -pour everything out and then  relax .
Listening to motivational podcasts : There are many motivational speakers , listening to their one speech can change your mood. So if feeling low , don't want to do anything just listen and grab up some motivation.Channelise your energy in right direction.
OM- Chant meditation : just sit for 5 - 10 min and chant "OM" your depression will runn away. Trust us it work wonders.
Massaging your body : One of the best and most recommended tip is to massage your body . The reason being it increases your blood circulation and helps your body release such hormones that calms your temperament. 
Nourishing your mind :This  you can do with mind relaxing oils . Lavender , Brahmi oil or any oil that soothes your mind . 
Reading autobiographies : As said above you are not only the single person who have this problem , there are many eminent personalities who have this similar problem once in their life and has now established control over such frustation or temperamental blasts.  Read their experiences , their problems and how they get over this all. 
Have emotional conversations your friends and family : There no harm in sharing because everyone faces it once in a while . Taking guidance in any matter would be for your betterment. So, try to have more and more emotional conversations with your family members or friends .
♧  Start adopting Optimism in your life : Once you start looking up the bright side of everything you won't need any pills or counselling . You will counsel yourself . So, be your own counselor. 

Remember  every person who have success or whom we remember for good deeds have problems in their life too. There is no one whose life is all about good moments.ex bhagat singh ,chanakya ,even god ram and krishan has to face harships when they took birth on this earth.Harships becomes hard when u deal them with pain ,rather one should learn from life's every act and if you are tired of learning just take a break and explore world ,there are lots of people out their who don't judge you, on your past,they wont care whether you are rich or you are not ,embrace the good and evolve .Compare your growth from past and keep evolving and stop comparing with others it wont satisfy you but your own growth and results will make you realise the better person you are becoming!!!cheers to new life 

Keep following yourfitnessstories for staying up fit and healthy. 


DO YOU KNOW YOUR BODY TYPE:Vata ,Pitta or Kapha?

AYURVEDA: is a pseudoscientific system having its roots in India. Ayurveda is regarded as "knowledge of life". It's an ancient health care tradition that has been followed in India from past 5000 year's. According to this system , every being has a specific constitution that has been referred to as "prakruti" in ayurveda.This constituion determines our physical , psychological , emotional and disease vulnerability.  
According to Ayurveda, each person is born with a life force that comprises the five elements or building blocks of nature: Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Space. The proportion of these five elements  in our body must be balanced for us to stay healthy. 

Prakruti is determined by three "bodily energies"called doshas . 

Basically there are three doshas or in our body:
1. Vata (linked to ether and air)
2. Pitta (linked to fire)
3. kapha(linked to earth and water) 

Our body comprises of all the three but they are present in our body in three levels:
a)Primary (most prominent one)
b)Secondary (moderate )
c)Tertiary( least prominent )

 Now, Question arises :
Q)What body type do I have ?

What is your body type ie . Whether you have vata type body , pitta or kapha type .

1.Vata body type:-also known as ECTOMORPH BODY TYPE. Vata is derived from elements of space and air . Vata governs our energy ,movement and nerve impulses.It is also called "king of doshas".

●>Personality:- People having balance Vata body type are highly energetic, joyful, friendly ,free in spirit ,creative,flexible, embrace change easily and have even body temperature.  They have thin light frame and wire structure. Small dark eyes that are usually dark brown . Small mouth and thin lips with irregular teeths.

●>Signs of vata dosha imbalance :-Those who have vata body type tend to show following symptoms :

*weight loss
* muscle spasms
* constipation , gas , bloating, hard stools
* Less tolerant 
*Rough , dry skin and chapped lips
*Thin hair and are prone to dandruff 
* Irregular hunger
* Insomania
*Anxiety and fears 
*craving for salt and spicy food 
*High blood pressure
*nervous tiredness 
*splitting of nails
* pain in the feet
*Extreme sensitivity to cold

●>vata dosha diet:To balance your vata dosha :
▪︎ the foods that you should avoid: People having vata body type should avoid cold foods. They shouldn't consume iced drinks, raw vegetables and greens . Moreover they should also avoid fasting .

▪︎ the foods that are useful for vata: 
~Fruits: Bananas ,apples, mangoes ,melons, oranges ,papayas ,pineapple and coconut. 
~ Vegies: Carrots, radish, cooked peas , broccoli,cauliflower sweet potatoes, zucchini , spinach , sprouts , tomatoes ( in small quantities).
~Diary products/oils: Ghee , yoghurt, paneer soy milk ,tofu , sesame oil and olive oil .
~ Grains: Rice , wheat ,quinoa,reduce amount of barley ,corn millet , backwheat and rye.
~ Beverages: room temperature  lemon water , mild chai , tulsi tea , sweet and sour fruit juices.
●> Sites of vat dosha :-

☆ Bones
☆ Lung cavities 
☆ Thighs 
☆ All circulation 
☆ Skin 
☆Ears /Head

2.Pitta body type :- regarded as MESOMORPH BODY TYPE. Pitta regulates the digestive "agnis" or fires of body .It is also called the " fiery dosha". Metabolism, Digestion or more specifically all the  biochemical processes of transformations are managed by pitta . In ayurveda pitta combine both fire and water element , from which bile is formed.

●>Personality:-Pitta people are moderate in weight, height and build . They can gain or loose weight easily . There eyes are small and penetrating when they are not at all well.Pitta people as far as skin is concerned have oily smooth skin but are prone to acne. Pitta type are generally intolerant .
●> Signs of pitta dosha imbalance:-people having dominant pitta have following signs of imbalance. 
* Acidity 
* Excessive thirst and hunger 
* Skin rashes ,acne and boils 
*Senstivity to heat 
*Bad breath 
*Heartburn,acidic stomach 
*Yellowing of eyes,urine and stool
*Bitter taste in mouth 
*Premature ageing and hair loss
●>pitta dosha diet : -

▪︎foods that you should avoid if your pitta is dominant : Alcoholic and fermented foods should be avoided. Coffee intake should be reduced .Moreover avoid hot and salty oil foods.
▪︎ food that are helpful to balance pitta dosha: 
~Fruits :mangoes , oranges , cherries melons , grapes , plums , ripe pineapple,avocadoes . Reduce apricots and berries .
~Vegies:Cucumber,sweet potatoes, green leafy vegetables,broccoli, lettuce ,okra and green beans .
Avoid tomatoes, carrot,hot peppers, eggplant onion, garlic, radish and spinach.
~Diary products /oils:paneer, cottage cheese , sweet lassi , whole milk, ghee, coconut oil and sunflower oil.
~ Grains:basmati rice ,oats,kamut,couscous, barley ,and quinoa .
~ Beverages:mint tea, rosehip tea black tea with milk and honey .
~spices: fennel , saffron , cardamom, coriander ,cumin ,turmeric , mustard, clove ,fenugreek and ginger root . Avoid chilli peppers and cayenne .
●>Sites of pitta dosha:- 

☆PRIMARY SITE: Small Intestines
☆ Liver 
☆ Spleen 
☆ Eyes
3. Kapha body type : is ENDOMORPH BODY TYPE.Kapha body type denotes when the elements of earth and water meet. Kapha is largely responsible for solidity as well as for the right amount of body fluids .kapha controls muscle growth, body strength and stability.

●>Personality:-is solid and  stocky. It's very easy for them  to gain weight and hard to loose the weight. They are sweet ,loving and loyal. They are always grounded,steady and enjoy routine. They have - large features abundant hairs ,large eyes and thick lips.
●>signs of  kapha dosha imbalance:-

*Nausea .
*Excess salivation .
*Poor appetite.
*Frequent  cold.
*Cough and congestion.
*Nasal mucus.
*Running nose.
●>kapha dosha diet:- 
▪︎foods that should be avoided by kapha body type are raw or refrigerated foods as well as iced drinks .
▪︎ foods that are best for kapha dosha :
~fruits:apples ,pears, cranberries ,pomegranate ,papaya, raspberries ,lemons and dried fruits only figs and plums are good.
~Vegies:Carrots ,eggplant ,dark leafy greens ,sprouts ,mushrooms ,cucumber ,broccoli, radish ,okra,onions,ginger root,beet root , cabbage , white pumpkin , tomato and potatoes.
~Dairy products/oils:lassi and goat milk,low fat milk ,small amount of ghee and whole milk , mustard oil and sesame oil but in small amounts.
~ Grains : old preserved grains , barley ,millet and rye ( small amount), corn , rice and wheat.
~Beverages:Cofee , ginger tea, black tea, cinamon tea or spicy chai.
●>Sites of kapha dosha:- 

☆PRIMARY SITE: Stomach and lungs
☆ Chest 
☆ Heart 
☆ Head and brain
☆ Nose
☆ Tongue
☆Bone joints 
 All these doshas are present but the one which is dominant will be your body type . For eg if your body is 45% vata , 40% pitta and 10 % kapha then your body type will be vata as it is dominant one or it can be vata pitta body type as both have somewhat equivalent percentage. So identify your body - type and adapt to the changes that yourfitnessstories has suggested in these tri- doshas.


Best 6 Summer Drinks to boost Immunity

IMMUNITY , amid of coronavirus prevailing all over the world ,this term have been heard by us a number of times . 
IN TERMS OF BIOLOGY,IMMUNITY is the balanced state of multicellular organisms having adequate biological defenses to fight various infections and diseases . So basically in order to fight with coronavirus we need to strengthen  our immunity. Coronavirus has still not wiped out of our environment completely so rather than being careless just boost up our defense mechanism with help of the BEST SUMMER DRINKS highly recommended by yourfitnessstories
During summers our body needs a lot of water in order to avoid dehydration. Our body comprises of 70 % of water . These bodily fluids performs various function in our body  ie . Blood circulation, digestion, creation of saliva and maintenance of body temperature. Frequent sweating due to high temperature specially in upcoming months may disrupt our immune system. Drinks helps us to keep our body temperature stable plus boosts our immunity. 

6 Best easy-to -make Summer drinks at home to boost up our defense mechanism:-

1.Watermelon × chia seeds Slush :-
  Watermelon, inspite of being the delicious fruit ,works as great agent in hydration as well as rejuvenation . Watermelon is loaded with vitamin E that is most essential for skin . So all those who are looking for ageing solutions start adding watermelon in your routine. 

Our second ingredient chia seeds is well known for weight loss . It is a superfood as 
not only rich in fiber but provides energy too.
●Rich in omega 3.
●Antioxidant and maintains blood and cholesterol level.
So compilation of 30mg Watermelon and 1teapsoon of chia seeds  forms up a great slush for fitness regime. 
*Don't add salt to this drink

2. Cucumber-Mint Lemonade:- 

Cucumber lemon Mint water is loaded with benefits . This drink not only detoxify our body but has great anticancer properies. Moreover those who have problems related to kidneys or kidney stones this drink works wonders fir them. 
In order to make your cucumber- mint-lemonade  just in 1 pitcher of water add cucumber slices, some 15-20 mint leaves , 1/2 lemon juices and some lemon slices as well . Now refrigerate this water for 2 -3 hours so that it leaves its essence . The longer you refirigerate more flavors it will grasp.

3. Mango -Spinach Smoothie:- 

From it's name it mind sound wierd that what  combination is this! But as far as it's taste and nutritional value is concerned nothing can be better than this combo . We all love mangoes. Right !But adding the spinach enhacing it's nutrional value. Mangoes we all know has lots of benifits - is good for eyes, skin cleanser ,fighting cancer as well as for weight loss .All those who think mango increases weight should know this is a myth. Spinach that is  rich in vitamin A , C and K make this drink the healthiest drink ever . In this vibrant green smoothie sweetness of mangoes is perfectly blended with spinach.
Take 2 cups of mangoes and 2 cups of spinach (you can alter the quantity of spinach if you like ) and half a cup of milk (this you can replace with water as well if you want) That's it ! You all set to go !
4. Orange - tomato Drink :- 

Orange -tomato drink is the best source of Vitamin C and is flooded with antioxidants.  This juice rejuvenates your skin and adds a natural glow to your skin which never goes off. This drink helps in building up your immunity to fight against diseases. 
How to make this drink? Add one 1 cup of chopped tomatoes and 1 peeled medium orange and 4 carrots (this is optional ).

5.Ashwagandha -turmeric milk

Ashwagandha is ancient medicinal herb that has innumerable benefits.  It is pain reliever  that acts on the nervous system and help us battling stress and depression the most common problem among peoples now adays. This herb is the king of ayurveda which reduces the levels of cholesterol as well as cortisol levels of our body . 
Ashwagandha is easily available in market in a powdered form and turmeric our second ingredient with antibacterial and healing properties is always present in our kitchen .

So , to make this drink take 1 tablespoon of ashwagandha powder and add it in a one glass of milk.Now add 1/2tablespoon of turmeric powder and some cinnamon stick just to add a bit of flavour and increase its nutrional value. As sweetner you can  relay on natural sugar it can be honey or maple syrup .  

6. Bael sharbat:

Profoundly known as 'stone apple' is a power punch of  nutrients including beta-carotene, protein, riboflavin and vitamin C. It is loaded with vitamin B1 and B2, thiamine, riboflavin, niacin, carotene and possesses good amounts of minerals like calcium, potassium, fiber and good fats.

These fruits are also popular for antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and laxative properties and it has been in use for its medicinal and therapeutic properties in Ayurveda, Siddha and other forms of alternate medicine for thousands of years.

And if you are wondering, how to include these hard-exterior fruits in your daily diet, the best way is to drink homemade bael sherbet

How to make bael sharbat:-First you have to remove the outer shell as is done in picture. Then the pulp that lies inside the shell just mash it in a bowl but first seperate the seeds they are too bitter .They shouldn't be the part of your drink . *Also scrap the pulp that lies on the outer shell little bit as it contains lovely earthly aroma .  Now add some cold water in bowl nicley mash the pulp and extract the juice by straining it . Now just add a 2 tbsp of sugar so as to enhance the sweetness.  Your drink is ready!All ready to be served with mint leaves

Some of the best 6 drinks to boost immune system and make you feel refresh and light!!!!




If you talk about getting six pack abs and you want to own a shredded physique, then let me tell you that its not even that difficult .All you have to do is to set a goal stick to it  ,start clearing  the mind and avoid late night munching.

Abs are the most important  muscle group that enhance your overall look and helps you look muscular yet ignored by most people as they train them very less .Even if one is not doing much of abs excersise or excersises that targeted abs, than also we see that some people have little abs defined or there is a bit shape.Reason of that is much of upper body workouts or mostly compound  movements like rowing,standing paloff press,single arm kettle swings,deadlifts in some or other way target upper or lower abs.Thus one should always include such excersises in there workout schedule.

BURPEES: It is one of the best excersise for full body movement.it benefits yours arms,chest,core,glutes and legs and increases  your stamina.Benefits of doing burpees is that you can do it anywhere you want and without equipment at home ,gym ,at work,playground anywhere and combine with any of your schedule.Even 15 -20minutes of this excerise will help you loose a lot of sweat and help in weight loss.

You can also do a BURPEES CHALLENGE everyday as with every consistent effort ,your endurance , strength will increase and your overall body fat percentage will decrease.

1.SCISSOR  KICKS: Sometimes performing abs excersise does not produce much results ,reason is those results depends upon how strictly one maintain form.Also known as flutter kicks this excerise engage your core as well as lower abs ,thus perform them slowly without any rush.
Lie down on mat straight with your arms by your side,palms down and lifting your leg one after other at angle of 45°.Keep all focus on targeted muscle and while bringing you legs down take less support from your palms and more pressure on abs.

Anothes variation of this excerise includes keeping your back flat or attached  to the ground.
2.LYING LEG RAISE: Lie down with your back on mat,keep both your legs straight and lift them all the way up towards ceiling till your butt lifts upwards and slowly bring your legs down above floor and repeat.

3.FEET CROSSOVER: Extend both legs - Keep the arms next to the body - Keep the feet off the floor and make criss cross with legs.Remember your legs should  not be too straight towards ceiling ,it should be little bit raised off the floor. 

4.BODY WEIGHT CRUNCHES: One of the best excersise to train upper abs .keep knees bent and feets on floor ,raise upper body while keeping your lower back on ground.It helps in tightening and strengthening of our core and upper abs.

5.CABLE CRUNCH: Another excerise  that target upper abs(Rectus abdominis) and focus more on core strengthening .
Attach a rope handle to cable pulley and grab rope with both hands ,and sit down on your knees.Stick butt out and hips back ,tighten your abs and keep your chest out. Now slowly move down while targeting your abs without engaging shoulder and moving you hips
Once your chest is parallel to ur knees, squeeze your abs and slowly extend to back position.

6.PULL UP LEG RAISES: Pull your chin up towards bar ,until lats are contracted and hang clean . Squeeze your abs and raise your legs upto 90°. Now slowly lower your legs and repeat.

7.RUSSIAN TWIST: Now it's time to hit obliques and tone your abs ,its one of the most famous excersise performed by athletes.it is the best core workout and target obliques 
•Sit up with your legs above ground ,knees bent and heels raised a bit and your back at 45° angle. Keep your stomach tight and medicine ball close to torso as you twist to the right and left.

7.MOUNTAIN CLIMBER:Start with a plank position and squeeze glutes ,pull your right knee into your chest and squeeze abs and quickly pull left knee into your chest in a running motion .Keep your spine straight and avoid dropping your head.

8.AB WHEEL: Most  effective yet ignored by most people this excersise targets your abs, shoulder, obliques,burn calories fast and strengthen arms and back.Kneel on ground,tighten your core and roll out wheel as far as you can while keeping your back straight and parallel to floor .Take a pause and then slowly roll in and stop halfway and repeat Make sure you contract your abs and back straight .

These are the best ab and core excersises to flat belly by yourfitnessstories everyone should include in their workout.

Earlier it was believed that like other muscles groups abs can be trained regularly ,but as time passes and research being conducted we get to know that usual recovery time for ab muscle is 24-72 hrs therefore it should be trained twice or thrice in a week.

Not only excersise plays major role our dietary habits too mark importance ,whether we will be able to complete our goal of six pack abs .So the first tip is to clean your diet and eat lots of protein ,fiber rich food ,reduce salt and sugar and include healthy fats like nuts ,olive oil and fruits .
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