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The best diet for a weight loss is  adapting to    Healthy lifestyle. In this quarantine every thing is at rest and all are hopes has come to an end but  remember its not the end and all we need is a little motivation. Motivation to get fit, active and concentrate on our goals.            Its well said body is a temple and we all know what are the rules,worshiping it with all energy we have, so lets get started with some workout motivation. The basic lifestyle changes that you need to make. 1.CUT SUGAR FROM YOUR DIET :    Sugar is more dangerous drug than heroine or cocaine , the reason being it has huge amount of calories and the least nutrional value in it. It not only increases your weight but also makes you prone to many diseases. So, if you are fitness freak then you need to cut down sugar from your diet.  * Now for those who  c ouldn't cut sugar at all or like sugary products , you need to make minimal use of sugar in your diet. 2. Adequate amount of sleep :  In quarantine

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Fitness is not something to be achieved in a day.Its something that requires your constant efforts and most importantly your will power that " yes you are the only one who can do it ". Remember   this quarantine the greatest mantra that we must have learnt till now is Immunity is most  important. For that fitness is the key and yourfitnessstories is the  way to how to use that key . * Stay tuned for amazing  fitness stories and tips .  If you have any queries related to fitness do lemme know in comment section .We'll take up your each and every query and try to resolve it in our upcoming blogs .