The best diet for a weight loss is adapting to  Healthy lifestyle.

In this quarantine every thing is at rest and all are hopes has come to an end but remember its not the end and all we need is a little motivation. Motivation to get fit, active and concentrate on our goals.
           Its well said body is a temple and we all know what are the rules,worshiping it with all energy we have, so lets get started with some workout motivation.
The basic lifestyle changes that you need to make.


Sugar is more dangerous drug than heroine or cocaine , the reason being it has huge amount of calories and the least nutrional value in it. It not only increases your weight but also makes you prone to many diseases. So, if you are fitness freak then you need to cut down sugar from your diet.
 *Now for those who  couldn't cut sugar at all or like sugary products , you need to make minimal use of sugar in your diet.

2.Adequate amount of sleep : 

In quarantine we all have made it habit of sleeping  late as a result not only  our routine has messed up but it has impact on our health and fitness as well . Lack of sleep results in rise of Cortisol level .  It can lead to rapid weight gain, skin that bruises easily, muscle weakness, diabetes, and many other health problems.
Try to  sleep 7 -8 hours a day a mere sleeping can help u in weight loss isn't it simple. 

3.Healthy food : Food is the next domain to weight loss .Here we suggest some healthy foods which should be  major part of your meal .
  A) Vegies : Brocolli ,Spinach , beans ,cabbage , carrot and legumes have worked wonders for a weight loss diet meal .
B) Fruits: Fruits contain fructose and fibre. They provide with essential nutrients that are missing in our daily meals .Fruits that helps us the most for weight loss are berries, apple and oranges. Fruits can be best healthy breakfast. 
C)Nuts : They have lot of antioxidants and are healthy to loose weight.You can use almonds over other nuts because they are the healthiest .
 D)Dairy products: We know that most of the dietitians doesn't recommend diary products but we think cutting out diary products won't make you slim . Diary products are essential for our body composition as well as they are known as super food for bones. Without healthy bones, you can't be fit .
E)Oat meal : Oats are considered to be the powerhouse of energy  .It keeps you full for hours without much calorie intake . Oat meal, but mind it ,without added sugar helps in weight loss.It is a rich source of protein and fibre.
F)Drinks :
*Coffee: Coffee boosts our metabolism and is a effective source of weight lose . It includes many antioxidants.
* Green tea : It's a known fact that green tea is the best tool in weight loss and it will boost your Immunity that ultimately helps you in your fitness goals.
G) Oils : The right choice of oils is very important . It serves as lubricating agent for our muscles and joints . Cocunut and olive oil are best for losing weight as well as reduces cholesterol level of our body .

Mistakes that don't allow you to burn fat faster

You don't take rest : Fitness is not something to be achieved in a day . Exercising all day won't  make you slim , you need an equal amount of  rest as well. Equilibrium is the key . Too much of exercise without getting rest is considered by your body as stress .
Intermittent fasting : People consider that eating nothing during fasting and eating anything later will help them reduce weight .But in reality the main reason for weight loss is calorie deficit that also applies to  any other kind of fasting as well. eg . Keto ,low carb or vegan diet .
Insulin Intake : The first thing you should consider is your insulin intake based on types of calories you take in .When lot of insulin is released it prevents weight loss .So you should avoid things that increases your insulin .
Reduce intake of refined carbs and added sugars:Foods like cereals, pasta,white bread,cakes and products made of white flour slow down our metabolism and sugar added in cake and doughnuts spike insulin level and thus hinder goal of weight loss therefore one should add complex carbs like oat,brown rice and sweetpotato,white potato with skin as it has high glycemic index.

Most of us eat a diet that lacks protein or has very less amout as a result we have continuous urges of eating something. protein keeps us satiated nd full and fibre rich food take long hours to digest  thus we should make sure we eat a balanced diet that includes sufficient  protein that is 2.5times of our body weight .Sources of fibre food include cabbage,broccoli, avocado, unripe banana etc.

*So , these are some ways to weight loss .If have any querry related to health tips you can comment down . Your each and every comment is read by yourfitnessstories . Your query can be content of our next blog,  so do comment .


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