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BEST 5 hair oils and shampoo products for hair growth and avoiding damage

HAIR OILS: Unlike other body parts our hairs too need Nourishment, just like our skin needs moisture and we use moisturizer's for same our hairs too need oiling to remain healthy and shinny.But in this fast growing business of health many companies are introducing different hair oils and its difficult to rely on them ,so which one to choose lets check it out!! Since your hair is made of protein, it’s important to focus on protein and iron-rich foods such as eggs, fish, meat, and nuts to build hair strength and growth. Another area to focus your attention on is foods high in vitamins and biotin. Carrots, pumpkins, and sweet potatoes are very high in vitamin A, while broccoli, strawberries, and oranges are high in vitamin C.  Try to limit your intake of refined sugars and processed foods this year and instead opt for those rich in vitamins and nutrients. REASON WHY HAIR DOES NOT GROW OR STOP GROWING? 1.Avoid doing damage and handle with care. We mostly use towel or rub our hairs with

Depression - common problem today, is still a stigma?

Depression   : According to World Health Organization,  "Depression is the most common mental disorder .Globally more than 264 million people of all ages suffer from this ."  Depression, in literal sense , is a state of low mood and loss of interest . A recent case of sushant singh rajput who was famous and phenomenal actor committed suicide and this incident shook whole world.Nobody realised that behind such innocent smile that person was suffering so much pain, atlast he was a brilliant actor and he played role of hiding his fear and problems well too.But that does not mean this ends and all is normal rather we have to discuss and deal with it instead of avoiding, what we have always  did ,otherwise we wont have lost such a soul. • Things we need to understand : ◇First of all , we need to understand that depression is common psychological problem. Therefore,if you are suffering from depression,  stop being ashamed of it. IT'S NORMAL! ◇ Secondly , depression doesn'

DO YOU KNOW YOUR BODY TYPE:Vata ,Pitta or Kapha?

AYURVEDA : i s a pseudoscientific system having its roots in India. Ayurveda is regarded as " knowledge of life ". It's an ancient health care tradition that has been followed in India from past 5000 year's. According to this system , every being has a specific constitution that has been referred to as " prakruti " in ayurveda.This constituion determines our physical , psychological , emotional and disease vulnerability.   According to Ayurveda , each person is born with a life force that comprises the five elements or building blocks of nature: Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Space. The proportion of these five elements  in our body must be balanced for us to stay healthy.  Prakruti is determined by three " bodily energies" called doshas .  Basically there are three doshas or in our body: 1. Vata ( linked to ether and air ) 2. Pitta ( linked to fire) 3. kapha( linked to earth and water)  Our body comprises of all the three but they are present in our

Best 6 Summer Drinks to boost Immunity

IMMUNITY , amid of coronavirus prevailing all over the world ,this term have been heard by us a number of times .  IN TERMS OF BIOLOGY,IMMUNITY is the balanced state of multicellular organisms having adequate biological defenses to fight various infections and diseases . So basically in order to fight with coronavirus we need to strengthen  our immunity. Coronavirus has still not wiped out of our environment completely so rather than being careless just boost up our defense mechanism with help of the BEST SUMMER DRINKS highly recommended by yourfitnessstories .  During summers our body needs a lot of water in order to avoid dehydration. Our body comprises of 70 % of water . These bodily fluids performs various function in our body  ie . Blood circulation, digestion, creation of saliva and maintenance of body temperature. Frequent sweating due to high temperature specially in upcoming months may disrupt our immune system. Drinks helps us to keep our body temperature stable plus boosts


If you talk about getting six pack abs and you want to own a shredded physique, then let me tell you that its not even that difficult .All you have to do is to set a goal stick to it  ,start clearing  the mind and avoid late night munching. Abs are the most important  muscle group that enhance your overall look and helps you look muscular yet ignored by most people as they train them very less . Even if one is not doing much of abs excersise or excersises that targeted abs, than also we see that some people have little abs defined or there is a bit shape.Reason of that is much of upper body workouts or mostly compound  movements like rowing,standing paloff press,single arm kettle swings,deadlifts in some or other way target upper or lower abs.Thus one should always include such excersises in there workout schedule. BURPEES : It is one of the best excersise for full body benefits yours arms,chest,core,glutes and legs and increases  your stamina.Benefits of doing burpees is t