If you talk about getting six pack abs and you want to own a shredded physique, then let me tell you that its not even that difficult .All you have to do is to set a goal stick to it  ,start clearing  the mind and avoid late night munching.

Abs are the most important  muscle group that enhance your overall look and helps you look muscular yet ignored by most people as they train them very less .Even if one is not doing much of abs excersise or excersises that targeted abs, than also we see that some people have little abs defined or there is a bit shape.Reason of that is much of upper body workouts or mostly compound  movements like rowing,standing paloff press,single arm kettle swings,deadlifts in some or other way target upper or lower abs.Thus one should always include such excersises in there workout schedule.

BURPEES: It is one of the best excersise for full body benefits yours arms,chest,core,glutes and legs and increases  your stamina.Benefits of doing burpees is that you can do it anywhere you want and without equipment at home ,gym ,at work,playground anywhere and combine with any of your schedule.Even 15 -20minutes of this excerise will help you loose a lot of sweat and help in weight loss.

You can also do a BURPEES CHALLENGE everyday as with every consistent effort ,your endurance , strength will increase and your overall body fat percentage will decrease.

1.SCISSOR  KICKS: Sometimes performing abs excersise does not produce much results ,reason is those results depends upon how strictly one maintain form.Also known as flutter kicks this excerise engage your core as well as lower abs ,thus perform them slowly without any rush.
Lie down on mat straight with your arms by your side,palms down and lifting your leg one after other at angle of 45°.Keep all focus on targeted muscle and while bringing you legs down take less support from your palms and more pressure on abs.

Anothes variation of this excerise includes keeping your back flat or attached  to the ground.
2.LYING LEG RAISE: Lie down with your back on mat,keep both your legs straight and lift them all the way up towards ceiling till your butt lifts upwards and slowly bring your legs down above floor and repeat.

3.FEET CROSSOVER: Extend both legs - Keep the arms next to the body - Keep the feet off the floor and make criss cross with legs.Remember your legs should  not be too straight towards ceiling ,it should be little bit raised off the floor. 

4.BODY WEIGHT CRUNCHES: One of the best excersise to train upper abs .keep knees bent and feets on floor ,raise upper body while keeping your lower back on ground.It helps in tightening and strengthening of our core and upper abs.

5.CABLE CRUNCH: Another excerise  that target upper abs(Rectus abdominis) and focus more on core strengthening .
Attach a rope handle to cable pulley and grab rope with both hands ,and sit down on your knees.Stick butt out and hips back ,tighten your abs and keep your chest out. Now slowly move down while targeting your abs without engaging shoulder and moving you hips
Once your chest is parallel to ur knees, squeeze your abs and slowly extend to back position.

6.PULL UP LEG RAISES: Pull your chin up towards bar ,until lats are contracted and hang clean . Squeeze your abs and raise your legs upto 90°. Now slowly lower your legs and repeat.

7.RUSSIAN TWIST: Now it's time to hit obliques and tone your abs ,its one of the most famous excersise performed by is the best core workout and target obliques 
•Sit up with your legs above ground ,knees bent and heels raised a bit and your back at 45° angle. Keep your stomach tight and medicine ball close to torso as you twist to the right and left.

7.MOUNTAIN CLIMBER:Start with a plank position and squeeze glutes ,pull your right knee into your chest and squeeze abs and quickly pull left knee into your chest in a running motion .Keep your spine straight and avoid dropping your head.

8.AB WHEEL: Most  effective yet ignored by most people this excersise targets your abs, shoulder, obliques,burn calories fast and strengthen arms and back.Kneel on ground,tighten your core and roll out wheel as far as you can while keeping your back straight and parallel to floor .Take a pause and then slowly roll in and stop halfway and repeat Make sure you contract your abs and back straight .

These are the best ab and core excersises to flat belly by yourfitnessstories everyone should include in their workout.

Earlier it was believed that like other muscles groups abs can be trained regularly ,but as time passes and research being conducted we get to know that usual recovery time for ab muscle is 24-72 hrs therefore it should be trained twice or thrice in a week.

Not only excersise plays major role our dietary habits too mark importance ,whether we will be able to complete our goal of six pack abs .So the first tip is to clean your diet and eat lots of protein ,fiber rich food ,reduce salt and sugar and include healthy fats like nuts ,olive oil and fruits .
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