Depression - common problem today, is still a stigma?

Depression  : According to World Health Organization, "Depression is the most common mental disorder .Globally more than 264 million people of all ages suffer from this ."

 Depression, in literal sense , is a state of low mood and loss of interest . A recent case of sushant singh rajput who was famous and phenomenal actor committed suicide and this incident shook whole world.Nobody realised that behind such innocent smile that person was suffering so much pain, atlast he was a brilliant actor and he played role of hiding his fear and problems well too.But that does not mean this ends and all is normal rather we have to discuss and deal with it instead of avoiding, what we have always  did ,otherwise we wont have lost such a soul.

Things we need to understand :

◇First of all , we need to understand that depression is common psychological problem. Therefore,if you are suffering from depression,  stop being ashamed of it. IT'S NORMAL!

◇ Secondly , depression doesn't mean you are mentally ill or weak. Its just a phase that probably every 2nd or 3rd person undergoes.
So , instead of thinking it something abnormal , go to the doctor or counselor if you are suffering from severe depression and get yourself free from it . It's just like other problems that do have solution.

Symptoms you need to observe  within or in your near or dear ones:

The most common drawback in our lives is that we keep ignoring things and let them get worse. Once they turn worse ,we panic. 
Don't  ignore if you notice  some of these symptoms in your body >
Persistent and pervasive sadness ■ loss of interest in all activities 
■ physical tiredness 
■ lack of concentration in almost everything you do 
■Appetite changes ( excessive hunger or no hunger )
■ sleep Abnormalities 
■ Suicidal thoughts 
■ Finding yourself Guilty in almost everything 
■Negative automatic thoughts 
■Anger Issues
If it's more than 2 weeks that you are observing these symptoms,  may it be in yourself or in any of your loved ones then don't ignore . It's quite possible that they are under certain depression. 

Thing's  you need to do ,to fight this silent killer and throw it out of your body :
>Things that parents need to do: The most important role is of parents in fighting with this disease . 
   ¤ Reduce the "GAP" : The gap that we often call as "generation gap" need to be reduced even if you need to change yourself a bit. Trust us , it would be for the betterment of your child . STOP ACTING AS A TYPICAL AUTHORITATIVE PARENT . Be as friendly as you can with your child so that he/she could "poreout" no matter what is going inside him or her. 

   ¤ Never pressurize your child: We have been seeing from many couple of years that 10th or 12th boards have become a bugbear . Childrens in 10th and 12th are as if they are going on battle in which if they loose, their life will end . 
Remove this sort of pressure from your childrens life . Assure them that it's just like any other class exams and they just need to give their best .
  ¤ Start giving and spending time with your childrens : In today's life of hustle and bustle we are loosing ourselves ,our relationships .Instead of just being busy on your phones or office work or household chores may it be anything ,take out some time for your childrens .  There are many things they want to tell but stops thinking you won't listen. 

¤ Don't  scold your child much and stop always find his /her faults  :
Sometimes the children hesitates to come straight away to their parents thinking they will beat them up or scold them. Develop trust in your child , always listen! first and try to resolve his /her problem rather than finding his faults and saying that you must be have done something. 

¤ Develop trust in your child 

> Things an individual needs to do to fight depression:
 ☆ Connect with 5 elements : We all know this fact that our body is made up of five elements- air ,water ,fire ,ether and earth. IN Our previous blog what's your body type ? we have stressed the importance of maintaining balance in these five elements . 

You all must have observed whenever we go to hill stations, we are in utmost joy we experience some sort of bliss in that environment .WHY?. The reason being our body connect to these elements that enviroment that's why are senses respond much more than usual . Same connection we have to develop to that we are always stress free . We are not telling you to shift to hill areas or anything of some sort ,you just need to do some changes in lifestyle. Constantly stressing lifestyle is very important for mental or physical health

  1. Water : you must have noticed after taking bath you are much more relaxed . So , very first step is that whenever you are feeling low,depressed take a bath or play with water . It may sound weird but it will surely relax you .

 2. Air : Air is the most important element for staying fit and healthy . Try getting up early in the morning and breathe in some fresh air of the morning by doing some breathing exercises. Yog can help you in staying fit . 

3. Ether : Listening music has always helped in uplifting our mood . By music we mean good music . Listen to some instrumental music that soothes your soul and relaxes your body.

4. Fire : The fire in you , it may be any form anger, frustation or anything can be soothed by being under sunlight. Sitting under Sunlight have lots of benefits it imparts sudden energy in our body and that "feeling low"  vanishes. 

5 . Earth : Love the smell of earthy scent produced when rain falls out ? Earth has its own role in calming our frustations . Gardening  ,giving water to plants or walking barefoot on grass or sand will surely uplift your mood .Try it once !
Few more things you can do to change your mood is : 
Visit to place of worship : Divinity has the more power to set us own right path than anything else .
Mirror: For all those introvert who couldn't share their problems , make mirror your best friend. Stand in front of mirror blurt out everthing that bothers you, your anger ,your frustrations, your problems -pour everything out and then  relax .
Listening to motivational podcasts : There are many motivational speakers , listening to their one speech can change your mood. So if feeling low , don't want to do anything just listen and grab up some motivation.Channelise your energy in right direction.
OM- Chant meditation : just sit for 5 - 10 min and chant "OM" your depression will runn away. Trust us it work wonders.
Massaging your body : One of the best and most recommended tip is to massage your body . The reason being it increases your blood circulation and helps your body release such hormones that calms your temperament. 
Nourishing your mind :This  you can do with mind relaxing oils . Lavender , Brahmi oil or any oil that soothes your mind . 
Reading autobiographies : As said above you are not only the single person who have this problem , there are many eminent personalities who have this similar problem once in their life and has now established control over such frustation or temperamental blasts.  Read their experiences , their problems and how they get over this all. 
Have emotional conversations your friends and family : There no harm in sharing because everyone faces it once in a while . Taking guidance in any matter would be for your betterment. So, try to have more and more emotional conversations with your family members or friends .
♧  Start adopting Optimism in your life : Once you start looking up the bright side of everything you won't need any pills or counselling . You will counsel yourself . So, be your own counselor. 

Remember  every person who have success or whom we remember for good deeds have problems in their life too. There is no one whose life is all about good moments.ex bhagat singh ,chanakya ,even god ram and krishan has to face harships when they took birth on this earth.Harships becomes hard when u deal them with pain ,rather one should learn from life's every act and if you are tired of learning just take a break and explore world ,there are lots of people out their who don't judge you, on your past,they wont care whether you are rich or you are not ,embrace the good and evolve .Compare your growth from past and keep evolving and stop comparing with others it wont satisfy you but your own growth and results will make you realise the better person you are becoming!!!cheers to new life 

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