DO YOU KNOW YOUR BODY TYPE:Vata ,Pitta or Kapha?

AYURVEDA: is a pseudoscientific system having its roots in India. Ayurveda is regarded as "knowledge of life". It's an ancient health care tradition that has been followed in India from past 5000 year's. According to this system , every being has a specific constitution that has been referred to as "prakruti" in ayurveda.This constituion determines our physical , psychological , emotional and disease vulnerability.  
According to Ayurveda, each person is born with a life force that comprises the five elements or building blocks of nature: Earth, Air, Water, Fire and Space. The proportion of these five elements  in our body must be balanced for us to stay healthy. 

Prakruti is determined by three "bodily energies"called doshas . 

Basically there are three doshas or in our body:
1. Vata (linked to ether and air)
2. Pitta (linked to fire)
3. kapha(linked to earth and water) 

Our body comprises of all the three but they are present in our body in three levels:
a)Primary (most prominent one)
b)Secondary (moderate )
c)Tertiary( least prominent )

 Now, Question arises :
Q)What body type do I have ?

What is your body type ie . Whether you have vata type body , pitta or kapha type .

1.Vata body type:-also known as ECTOMORPH BODY TYPE. Vata is derived from elements of space and air . Vata governs our energy ,movement and nerve impulses.It is also called "king of doshas".

●>Personality:- People having balance Vata body type are highly energetic, joyful, friendly ,free in spirit ,creative,flexible, embrace change easily and have even body temperature.  They have thin light frame and wire structure. Small dark eyes that are usually dark brown . Small mouth and thin lips with irregular teeths.

●>Signs of vata dosha imbalance :-Those who have vata body type tend to show following symptoms :

*weight loss
* muscle spasms
* constipation , gas , bloating, hard stools
* Less tolerant 
*Rough , dry skin and chapped lips
*Thin hair and are prone to dandruff 
* Irregular hunger
* Insomania
*Anxiety and fears 
*craving for salt and spicy food 
*High blood pressure
*nervous tiredness 
*splitting of nails
* pain in the feet
*Extreme sensitivity to cold

●>vata dosha diet:To balance your vata dosha :
▪︎ the foods that you should avoid: People having vata body type should avoid cold foods. They shouldn't consume iced drinks, raw vegetables and greens . Moreover they should also avoid fasting .

▪︎ the foods that are useful for vata: 
~Fruits: Bananas ,apples, mangoes ,melons, oranges ,papayas ,pineapple and coconut. 
~ Vegies: Carrots, radish, cooked peas , broccoli,cauliflower sweet potatoes, zucchini , spinach , sprouts , tomatoes ( in small quantities).
~Diary products/oils: Ghee , yoghurt, paneer soy milk ,tofu , sesame oil and olive oil .
~ Grains: Rice , wheat ,quinoa,reduce amount of barley ,corn millet , backwheat and rye.
~ Beverages: room temperature  lemon water , mild chai , tulsi tea , sweet and sour fruit juices.
●> Sites of vat dosha :-

☆ Bones
☆ Lung cavities 
☆ Thighs 
☆ All circulation 
☆ Skin 
☆Ears /Head

2.Pitta body type :- regarded as MESOMORPH BODY TYPE. Pitta regulates the digestive "agnis" or fires of body .It is also called the " fiery dosha". Metabolism, Digestion or more specifically all the  biochemical processes of transformations are managed by pitta . In ayurveda pitta combine both fire and water element , from which bile is formed.

●>Personality:-Pitta people are moderate in weight, height and build . They can gain or loose weight easily . There eyes are small and penetrating when they are not at all well.Pitta people as far as skin is concerned have oily smooth skin but are prone to acne. Pitta type are generally intolerant .
●> Signs of pitta dosha imbalance:-people having dominant pitta have following signs of imbalance. 
* Acidity 
* Excessive thirst and hunger 
* Skin rashes ,acne and boils 
*Senstivity to heat 
*Bad breath 
*Heartburn,acidic stomach 
*Yellowing of eyes,urine and stool
*Bitter taste in mouth 
*Premature ageing and hair loss
●>pitta dosha diet : -

▪︎foods that you should avoid if your pitta is dominant : Alcoholic and fermented foods should be avoided. Coffee intake should be reduced .Moreover avoid hot and salty oil foods.
▪︎ food that are helpful to balance pitta dosha: 
~Fruits :mangoes , oranges , cherries melons , grapes , plums , ripe pineapple,avocadoes . Reduce apricots and berries .
~Vegies:Cucumber,sweet potatoes, green leafy vegetables,broccoli, lettuce ,okra and green beans .
Avoid tomatoes, carrot,hot peppers, eggplant onion, garlic, radish and spinach.
~Diary products /oils:paneer, cottage cheese , sweet lassi , whole milk, ghee, coconut oil and sunflower oil.
~ Grains:basmati rice ,oats,kamut,couscous, barley ,and quinoa .
~ Beverages:mint tea, rosehip tea black tea with milk and honey .
~spices: fennel , saffron , cardamom, coriander ,cumin ,turmeric , mustard, clove ,fenugreek and ginger root . Avoid chilli peppers and cayenne .
●>Sites of pitta dosha:- 

☆PRIMARY SITE: Small Intestines
☆ Liver 
☆ Spleen 
☆ Eyes
3. Kapha body type : is ENDOMORPH BODY TYPE.Kapha body type denotes when the elements of earth and water meet. Kapha is largely responsible for solidity as well as for the right amount of body fluids .kapha controls muscle growth, body strength and stability.

●>Personality:-is solid and  stocky. It's very easy for them  to gain weight and hard to loose the weight. They are sweet ,loving and loyal. They are always grounded,steady and enjoy routine. They have - large features abundant hairs ,large eyes and thick lips.
●>signs of  kapha dosha imbalance:-

*Nausea .
*Excess salivation .
*Poor appetite.
*Frequent  cold.
*Cough and congestion.
*Nasal mucus.
*Running nose.
●>kapha dosha diet:- 
▪︎foods that should be avoided by kapha body type are raw or refrigerated foods as well as iced drinks .
▪︎ foods that are best for kapha dosha :
~fruits:apples ,pears, cranberries ,pomegranate ,papaya, raspberries ,lemons and dried fruits only figs and plums are good.
~Vegies:Carrots ,eggplant ,dark leafy greens ,sprouts ,mushrooms ,cucumber ,broccoli, radish ,okra,onions,ginger root,beet root , cabbage , white pumpkin , tomato and potatoes.
~Dairy products/oils:lassi and goat milk,low fat milk ,small amount of ghee and whole milk , mustard oil and sesame oil but in small amounts.
~ Grains : old preserved grains , barley ,millet and rye ( small amount), corn , rice and wheat.
~Beverages:Cofee , ginger tea, black tea, cinamon tea or spicy chai.
●>Sites of kapha dosha:- 

☆PRIMARY SITE: Stomach and lungs
☆ Chest 
☆ Heart 
☆ Head and brain
☆ Nose
☆ Tongue
☆Bone joints 
 All these doshas are present but the one which is dominant will be your body type . For eg if your body is 45% vata , 40% pitta and 10 % kapha then your body type will be vata as it is dominant one or it can be vata pitta body type as both have somewhat equivalent percentage. So identify your body - type and adapt to the changes that yourfitnessstories has suggested in these tri- doshas.


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