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 Today every one wants to look young and beautiful as it boosts one's confidence and affects  one's personality   The best way to keep your skin from getting wrinkled, saggy and speckled is sunscreen, SPF 30 at the minimum. Broad-spectrum formulas (meaning they shield against both UVA and UVB rays). People follow different skin care routines and apply various cream and skin care products to bring change but the change never comes!!.Basic scenario is that people choose products that has most natural ingredients in it but are they actually present in that product is major question. BAD HABBIT #1: WASHING YOUR FACE TOO OFTEN:- Cleansing your skin is a non-negotiable part of a skin routine, but going overboard can do more harm than good. Washing your skin more than twice per day can strip it of its natural oils and leave it more vulnerable to aggressors and pollutants. Same goes for over-exfoliating. Remember: You want smooth and radiant skin, not inflamed and irritated skin. If t